The Alice House, Queens Park

I was treated to a delicious breakfast last week from The Alice House in Queens Park. They have recently launched their new breakfast menu.

Alice House - Queen's Park - Web sized23

The Alice House source their produce locally such as their Speldhurst Sausages from Kent, Dorset Blueberries and Honey from London. They have something for everything from sweet to savoury.

Alice House - Queen's Park - Web sized16

Their menu is reasonable priced from £2.50 to £9.50. Breakfast is available every day between 8-12. They also provide some delicious juices. I enjoyed the beetroot, Ginger and Apple juice.


After a long debate I decided to get the Cullen Skink Omelette with Horseradish cream. I was really happy about my choice and the haddock was cooked perfectly and the horseradish and crème fraiche weren’t too overpowering.


Another’s in attendance ordered the Buckwheat pancakes, Dorset Blueberries, Crème Fraiche & London Honey.


Also the Spiced Peaches, Cobnuts and organic cream on Brioche was ordered. Both looked delicious and I was tempted to have all 3 (Just Kidding!!).


Thanks Kapranos PR and The Alice House for a delicious breakfast.

For more information head to the Alice House Website.


Adeola x

Pictures by myself and from Kapranos PR

Betty Blythe Clapham Opening

Last Week I attended the opening on the 2nd Betty Blythe Vintage Tearoom and Cafe in Clapham. I was treated to tasty cakes from the afternoon tea and delicious cocktails with champagne and gin bases.




Their afternoon teas start at £22pp which is available to book on their website.

Brunch Menu Betty Blythe

They also gave guests the opportunity to dress up in 1920’s inspired clothing throughout the night in their dress up room upstairs.They provide catering and are available for many different events such as Hen Parties, Children’s Parties and Baby Showers.

Brunch Menu Betty Blythe2

It’s a cute little escape that’s nice and quiet for a much needed afternoon tea or just a break but still central and easy to get to.


Tea and Cake Betty Blythe

Thanks again Kapranos PR for a fun event and be sure to check out the Tearoom. They also have a tearoom in Shepard’s Bush if that’s more convenient.

For more information head to their website.
25 Abbeville road
Clapham SW4 9LA

73 Blythe road
London W14 0HP

Adeola x

Pictures by myself and from Kapranos PR

Supper Tub

A couple weeks ago I attended the press evening for Supper Tub which is a new outdoor urban summer experience,situated on the canal side in Hackney Wick where guest can enjoy delicious food from warm hot tubs. It launched on the 3rd of July and runs for a month.


It’s a very unique idea and I was impressed with the overall experience. I myself didn’t get into the hot tubs but I was still able to enjoy a variety of small canapes from a Peruvian inspired menu.



We first enjoyed canapes served in crisp cups. They’re were 3 types of fillings. These were Sea Bass, Tiger Prawn and Avocado. I tried all of them and the Tiger Prawn was my favourite. They were nice and light and perfect as a hot tub snack. They are all priced at £4.



We also had skewers which were either Rump Steak, King Prawn or Halloumi. These were also delicious and priced at £4.50. I enjoyed all of these skewers.


Last, were the dessert skewers which were watermelon balls or Peruvian chocolate strawberries. These were really good and were a nice, light dessert to finish off the night. These are price at £3.50.


Tickets are from £20 (not including food) and each session is 2 hours long and a shower and changing rooms are provided. All you need to bring is your swimming costume and flip-flops. Towels are available to rent or you can bring your own.


Overall, I recommend going down to Supper Tub for a great, affordable and unique evening out.

For more information and to book your tickets head to the Supper Tub website.

90 Wallis Rd, London,

E9 5LN

Basement Sate Pastry Lesson

Last Week I attended a pastry lesson at Basement Sate which is a cocktail and dessert bar in Soho and they recently launched their new menu by their new chef Kelly Nadjarian.




IMG_8807We made a traditional French dessert called St Honoré Cake which Kelly was really passionate about as she is French herself. The dessert consists of caramel covered choux pastry filled with white chocolate Chantilly Cream and piped mascarpone Chantilly cream on a puff pastry base. It was a fairly straight forward dessert but it had a lot of components to it. There was 5 of us and we split up into small groups. Kelly assisted us but still allowed us to be independent in the majority of the lesson.


The pastry lessons are available on Wednesday with Kelly herself and guests are able to pick which dessert they can make. This can range from Macaroons to Brownies and lessons are priced at £70 for groups up to 5 which is a really good price compared to other lesson in London. There are also cocktail master-classes available for £30. Be sure to go to a lesson or just for some great cocktails and delicious desserts.


Thanks Basement Sate, Kelly and Kapranos PR for a great afternoon.

8 Broadwick Street London, W1F 8HN

Opening Hours

Monday 6pm – Midnight

Tuesday – Saturday, 6pm – 1.30am

Joe’s Kitchen Kentish Town

I recently attended a press dinner at the new Joe’s Kitchen in Kentish Town and it didn’t seize to disappoint. Joe’s Kitchen have certain dishes that are only available at the Kentish Town restaurant and was really excited to try the new dishes.



We started off with one of the new dishes for the new chain, Deep Fried Short Rib Meat Loaf with red onion jam, poached egg and dijonnaise. I’d never tried meat loaf let alone fried meat loaf. It was sooo good and I would definitely recommend it.

IMG_8653Also new to the menu was the Gooey Corn Spoon Bread with clotted cream and red Leicester cheese. This was something different and delicious and wasn’t to heavy for  a starter leaving me with some room for the following courses.IMG_8646We also had  Devilled Eggs which were  filled with chicken skin mayonnaise and bacon crumbs. I’d never had devilled eggs like this so this was a nice change. IMG_8647We then had the mains and I was definitely looking forward to one of my favourite dishes from Joe’s Kitchen the Mac and Cheese. We also enjoyed the new Joe’s Chicken dish. The chicken is 24 hour Sweet Tea brined chicken with lemon dust. We also had a combination of ingredients that I’ve never heard of let alone tried. Buckwheat Waffles with Watermelon and bourbon maple syrup. This combo was to go with the chicken which all together tasted pretty good.



IMG_8664 IMG_8667

IMG_8659We then had Shrimp ‘N’ Grits  which contained stoneground cheese grits with shrimps, red onion, melted tomato, shredded house cured bacon and Camden ale jus. I’d never tried it before but really enjoyed it and will definitely get it again.



We then moved onto dessert and had a choice of 3 desserts. The first was a Southern Pecan Pie with Jim Beam Honey cream. This was my favourite dessert out of the 3 as it wasn’t too sweet and was too heavy for a dessert.


The second was an Iced Honeycomb and Chocolate Parfait Sandwich. This was a really nice dessert and I’m a big fan of honeycomb.


And last there was a Peanut Butter Fudge Pie with Chantilly cream. I’m not the biggest  fan of peanut butter but this dessert was really nice and the fudge filling was delicious.

IMG_8684I had a great time trying all the new dishes and old-time favourites and will definitely be going again very soon. This restaurant is nearer to me and so gives me another excuse to go to Joe’s Kitchen more often. Thanks for a great night Joe’s Kitchen and Kapranos PR.

For more information check out the Joe’s Kitchen website and the restaurant details are below.

300 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2TG
020 7485 7331

Adeola x

Arla Skyr Yoghurt Breakfast

So I recently attended the Arla Skyr Yoghurt launch at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. Arla Skyr is a yoghurt from Iceland and is made using traditional Icelandic methods. I’ve never been to the Ham Yard Hotel and the interior in the hotel is really cool.







We then began the breakfast and mingled at the table before having a talk from Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed who explained to us the benefits of the yoghurt and ways we could incorporate it into every day dishes.

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

Source: Cow PR

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

Source: Cow PR

She recommended the popular choice of Yoghurt and Muesli/Granola. She also mentioned substituting it for certain ingredients in dishes like Lasagna and Curries to Risotto and Soups.

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

Source: Cow PR

The yoghurts come in 3 different flavours Simply Natural, Strawberry and Honey. They come in either big pots or the snack size like Charlotte is holding in the picture above. The snack sizes come in 5 different flavours Simply Natural, Apple and Lingonberry, Nordic Sour Cherry, Strawberry and Nordic Mixed Berry. The snack sizes contain just 114 kcal with 14.1g of protein, which is sure to give you the fuel you need for the day. The big pots are priced at RRP £1.69 and the snack sizes are RRP £0.85 and are available at all major retailers.


The Simply Natural Yoghurt is made with just one ingredient Skimmed cows milk making the yoghurt fat-free. It’s also high in protein and reduced in sugar. We then tried the yoghurts and had some breakfast. We all had the same idea of taking pictures before we ate the food.The Simply Natural is quite sweet without any fruit added compared to past yoghurts I’ve tried. I liked the Nordic Sour Cherry the best.

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

Source: Cow PR





We then got ready to go on our ‘Feed your Adventure’ tour of London where I learnt some interesting facts about London. The weather was great and we set off for our tour. Here are some highlights from the tour.

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

Source: Cow PR


We went to Phoenix Gardens which is a community Garden. None of the plants get watered or maintained and have to survive by themselves.


We were then shown the smallest road in London,Greek Court.

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

Source: Cow PR

We then went to Soho Square Gardens where we saw trees that dated by to the mid 17th Century.






We then headed back to the hotel and said our goodbyes. It was a great event and I got to meet fellow bloggers. I would definitely recommend the product as you feel full for longer and get a great source of protein from a small pot of yoghurt.

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

Source: Cow PR

Launch of Skyr yoghurt at Ham Yard Hotel

Source: Cow PR


Thanks Again MOO PR and Arla Skyr.

Adeola x

Tom’s Kitchen Earth Hour Dinner

A couple days ago I attended an WWF Earth Hour Dinner at Tom’s Kitchen in Somerset House. Tom Aikens created a menu specifically for the night. Tom based his menu for the night based on the Six simple Live Well Rules set by WWF.

1) Eat more plants – enjoy vegetables and whole grains!

2) Eat a variety of foods – have a colourful plate!

3) Waste less food – one third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted.

4) Moderate your meat consumption, both red and white – enjoy other sources of proteins such as peas, beans and nuts.

5) Buy food that meet a credible certified standard – consider MSC, free-range and fair trade.

6) Eat fewer foods high in fat, salt and sugar – keep foods such as cakes, sweets and chocolate as well as cured meat, fries and crisps to an occasional treat. Choose water, avoid sugary drinks and remember that juices only count as one of your 5-a-day however much you drink.


As starters we were treated to Honey Mustard Glazed Sausages with Rosemary. They were delicious and had to control how many I took as I hadn’t even got to the main course yet.


 The other starter was a Toasted Brioche, Aubergine Caviar with Red Onion Jam. This also was delicious and made Aubergine taste great as I’m not a huge fan of Aubergine.



We then had a demonstration on one of the main courses by Head Chef Richard as Tom Aikens, the founder of Tom’s Kitchen was unable to attend. Richard cooked the Pearl Barley Risotto, with Basil & Grated Cauliflower. Really simple to make and Richard recommended using Barley instead of risotto rice as it’s cheaper and provides more nutritional benefits.





We then enjoyed a candlelit dinner with battery-powered tea lights to prepare us for the Earth Hour and inspire us to do so during the Earth Hour.



 The other main course which I had was the Mackerel Fillets with Apple & Potato Salad. This was a nice, filling salad which was healthy and delicious.


Lastly, for dessert we had Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding with Bread and Butter Pudding Ice Cream. Instead of using regular bread, they used Brioche and Croissants. It was sweet and creamy and the perfect finish to the evening.


Don’t forget to do your part whether it be holding a candlelit dinner with friends or simply just turning your lights off this Saturday the 28th of March at 8.30pm  . And be sure to look out for famous landmarks such as the London Eye, and Big Ben who will be switching off their lights for WWF Earth Hour.

Adeola x