Sketch Restaurant Experience

A few nights ago I dined at the Sketch Gallery Restaurant with fellow blogger Abimarvel . It was an amazing restaurant which I was extremely excited for. It has to be one of the best and most different restaurants I have ever been too. I walked into the Gallery and I instantly loved the place because of its simplicity and peculiar interior. From its projected animated walls to it’s sofa’s that make you feel at home. The projected walls feature upcoming designers and artists. The menu was designed by French Chef Pierre Gagnaire which included Organic Salmon with Mussels Cream and Lamb with Green Mango and Paris Mushrooms.

We  decided not to have any starters and went straight to the main courses. I enjoyed the Organic Salmon with Mussels Cream which cost £23. I’m not normally a fan of mussels but these one’s tasted amazing and went really well with the salmon. On top of the salmon was a really nice herb crust that went really well with the salmon. It was really creamy and delicate to the mouth.

Abimarvel had the Lamb with Green Mango and Paris Mushrooms (even though she asked for no mushrooms) and she really enjoyed it. Her meal cost £30. She said the sauce was a little salty but when she had it with everything together it really balanced well  and tasted really nice.

For dessert I had coconut ice cream and a chocolate and caramel macaroon which both tasted amazing together even though they were two separate desserts. The Coconut ice cream cost £2 per scoop and the Macaroon cost £1.50 per macaroon. The ice cream comes in different flavours such as pineapple and chocolate and the macaroons change frequently. I thought the coconut ice cream would taste just like coconut water or coconut milk with no flavour but I was wrong. It was really rich and sweet in flavour and was not what I was expecting. The chocolate and caramel macaroon were really nice. The macaroon tasted like a chocolate cake and the ganache was really nice as well. The caramel came through and it went well together.

The toilets were beyond amazing. They were eggs. I know eggs. They were not what I was expecting at all. It felt really weird once I entered it and is definitely the weirdest, most creative toilet I have ever been in.

It was an amazing experience and will definitely be going again. Without a doubt I recommend going to the restaurant. The address is-

Sketch, 9 conduit street
London W1S 2XG
+44 (0) 20 7659 4500

xx Adeola xx

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