Grand Design Live Birmingham: Accessories

Whilst I was at the Grand Design Live I also saw some cool Kitchen appliances and also got to see the host of Grand Design Kevin McCloud.

I saw a product called Bibo. It’s a multi-stage water filtration system that dispenses instant boiling and chilled water. You can make many drinks from  hot chocolate to cold squash and ice tea. They are priced at £363 including VAT.They have many colors and I personally liked the orange one.  The video below from Bibo Website shows you what it is-

I also got to see these really cool Storage box made from Recycled Tyres. It had a really nice detailed effect on it and I would definitely get one. it cost £250 for the large size. Click here for more.

There were also a really cool light made from newspaper. It looked so delicate and different, but I would probably get one for myself. It cost £340(EU Only) or £440 (International). Click here for more.

There also was a table that had 13 bendy legs but still managed to balance. It was so beautiful and to me is one of those pieces of furniture that would complete a room. Eg. Living room. It was made by Yvette Cox. Click here for more.

The words in the speech bubble is Kevin McCloud’s opinion on the table. He did this for every masterpiece that was on show.

There were some other lamps that were made from felt that looked like Japanese Origami Flowers. It was designed by Vanessa Battaglia. It is available in Black and White. Click here for more.

The Slide Show below just shows other appliances I saw such as Cookers and a  strange wooden table. It also shows some (Blurry) pictures of Kevin McCloud (Sorry) on the Grand Theatre. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Adeola x


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