Supper Tub

A couple weeks ago I attended the press evening for Supper Tub which is a new outdoor urban summer experience,situated on the canal side in Hackney Wick where guest can enjoy delicious food from warm hot tubs. It launched on the 3rd of July and runs for a month.


It’s a very unique idea and I was impressed with the overall experience. I myself didn’t get into the hot tubs but I was still able to enjoy a variety of small canapes from a Peruvian inspired menu.



We first enjoyed canapes served in crisp cups. They’re were 3 types of fillings. These were Sea Bass, Tiger Prawn and Avocado. I tried all of them and the Tiger Prawn was my favourite. They were nice and light and perfect as a hot tub snack. They are all priced at £4.



We also had skewers which were either Rump Steak, King Prawn or Halloumi. These were also delicious and priced at £4.50. I enjoyed all of these skewers.


Last, were the dessert skewers which were watermelon balls or Peruvian chocolate strawberries. These were really good and were a nice, light dessert to finish off the night. These are price at £3.50.


Tickets are from £20 (not including food) and each session is 2 hours long and a shower and changing rooms are provided. All you need to bring is your swimming costume and flip-flops. Towels are available to rent or you can bring your own.


Overall, I recommend going down to Supper Tub for a great, affordable and unique evening out.

For more information and to book your tickets head to the Supper Tub website.

90 Wallis Rd, London,

E9 5LN


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