The Apartment X Starbucks Verismo

So just before Christmas I attended an event run by The Apartment, a company who organise different events for over may industries including Fashion Week. The business was created by blogger AbimarvelEvery London Fashion Week they hold a Fashion Week event and invite around 60 bloggers from around the world. 

STARBUCKS VERISMO 6 STARBUCKS VERISMO 2 STARBUCKS VERISMO 1The event was in association with Starbucks Verismo, and 9 bloggers including myself were invited to bake 2 recipes including the Starbucks Verismo Coffee in it. John Whaite the Great British Bake Off winner Season 2 guided us through the recipes and helped us bake the food. We started with  Mocha Choca Madeleines (Click for Recipe). STARBUCKS VERISMO 38 STARBUCKS VERISMO 39 STARBUCKS VERISMO 91 STARBUCKS VERISMO 83The Starbucks Versimo Coffee machine is available to buy from websites such as Selfridges and the Starbucks website itself. STARBUCKS VERISMO 4 STARBUCKS VERISMO 8 STARBUCKS VERISMO 79We all made sure we were updating our Instagram and Twitter accounts and once we all took loads of pictures of the Madeleines, we then moved onto the Caramel Shard Cookies (Click for recipe) which were quick, easy and delicious.  The only difficult part of the recipe is making the Caramel, and John kindly made the caramel for everyone. STARBUCKS VERISMO 60 STARBUCKS VERISMO 88 STARBUCKS VERISMO 11 STARBUCKS VERISMO 96

At the end of the day we all had a great time. Thanks again Abi!

Photos by Abimarvel

Adeola x

Mocha Choca Madeleines

Here is a Recipe for Choca Mocha Madeleines.

Mocha Choca Madeleines

Makes 16


100g salted butter

2 eggs

100g caster sugar

1tsp instant freeze-dried coffee

85g plain flour

15g cocoa powder

For the sauce:

2 tbsp golden syrup

2 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp water

Essential equipment

6-hole madeleine tin (or a 12-hole shallow bun tin), greased and floured

Disposable Piping Bag fitted with 10cm plain nozzle


Preheat the oven to 190°C/Gas 5.

Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat. Do not let it boil. Set aside.

Put the eggs, sugar and coffee in a mixing bowl and beat with a hand-held electric whisk until light and fluffy and tripled in volume. If you have a freestanding electric mixer, you can do this using the whisk attachment. This will take 12–15 minutes.

Sift the flour and cocoa powder into the egg mixture, and pour in the butter. Gently, and I mean gently, fold these additions into the egg until smooth and silky.

Scoop the mixture into the piping bag and fill the madeleine molds about 2/3 full. Bake for 8–10 minutes (a minute or two longer if using a bun tin), or until the madeleines look slightly browned around the edge. Turn them out of the tin as soon as they are baked or they will stick.

To make the sauce, simply whisk together the ingredients until you have a smooth, glossy dip.


The Starbucks Versimo Coffee machine is available to buy from websites such as Selfridges and the Starbucks website itself.

Perfect coffee partner: Starbucks Verismo Espresso Roast Latte – the Latin American and Asia Pacific blend, which is dark roasted and has the perfect deep caramel tone to match the ultra-chocolaty flavours in these quick treats.

Photos by Abimarvel

Break Time!

Once again I’ll be taking a break, as my exams are commencing. I’ll be back early June with delicious summery dishes. Here are some food related gifs that I saw and liked. (Click on the picture to go to the owners blog)




See you guys soon.

Adeola x

Novikov Restaurant Review

I recently dined with fellow Blogger Abimarvel at the Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair. The restaurant is split into two. There is an Asian Restaurant and an Italian Restaurant. We ate at the Asian Restaurant.

The manager of Novikov gave us a tour of the resturant and showed us the Resuarant’s Market. Within this market there were different fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood. You could pick anything you like and they would create a meal from the ingredients you chose.

We then decided what we were going to have meals from the menu. The manager recommended that we should have the black cod spring rolls with a mango sauce for a starter. We thought why not and so tried it and instantly knew why he recommended it. It was a very unique combination but worked so well together.

The Manager came over and told us the chef had made us raw seafood platter just for us which was extremely generous of him. We had no idea what to expect as all I really heard were the words ‘Raw’ and ‘Seafood’, which I had never tried so got a little bit nervous as I had no idea what to expect. A plate of raw scallops arrived and so we thought that was the platter. The actual platter arrived and it was huge. It looked very pretty and so was hoping it would taste good. We would try different things to make sure we tried everything and give each other feedback on each .Some were delicious.  And some were well interesting. I was surprised to find that caviar is actually delicious. It was definitely a very interesting and new experience for us.

We then decided what we were going to eat. Abi ordered the Roast Half Duck. She had the duck with Special Pork Char Sui fried rice.

I had Scottish diver scallops with yuzu mayonnaise & crispy lemon grass.

For Dessert Abimarvel had pineapple ravioli for dessert. I know ‘Pineapple Ravioli’. I didn’t know such a thing existed. It was delicious though and had a berry centre. On top was a scoop of berry sorbet.

Here’s the menu! Take a look!

I would definitely recommend you going to this restaurant. Here is the info.

50a Berkeley Street
Mayfair, London

T: +44 (0) 207 399 4330


Website: Novikov

Picture Credit- Abimarvel

Adeola x

Chocolate Macaron

Recipe from here

Makes about 10

65g ground almonds
85g icing sugar
25g cocoa powder
75g egg whites
Pinch of salt
60g caster sugar

For the ganache:
100g whipping cream
100g dark chocolate, chopped
20g butter, cut into small pieces
Pinch of sea salt

1. Make the ganache first. Heat the cream in a small pan until it’s just beginning to boil, then take it off the heat and add the chocolate. Leave it be for a couple of minutes, then stir furiously until smooth. Gradually beat in the butter and finish with a pinch of salt. Set aside to … set.

2. To make the macarons, you’ll need a template. Cut two pieces of baking parchment to fit your baking tray and, using a glass or pastry cutter about 3.5cm in diameter, cover one piece with dark ink circles spaced about 2cm apart. Put this on the baking tray and cover with the other piece of parchment: you should be able to see the circles through it. Prepare a piping bag with a 1cm nozzle, or cut the end off a disposable one so you have a hole about 1cm in diameter.

3. Blitz the almonds in a food processor or spice grinder for a couple of minutes, then sift these, the icing sugar and cocoa into a bowl. Repeat, so they’re well mixed.

4. Put the egg whites and a pinch of salt into the mixer and begin whisking. As soon as the whites begin to hold their shape, whisk in the caster sugar, and continue whisking at high speed until you have a stiff meringue – you should be able to hold the bowl upside down without fear (go on!).

5. Fold in the dry ingredients, and then beat the mixture vigorously until it’s of a consistency which falls off the spatula: if it’s too thick, it will be hard to pipe. Don’t worry about beating the air out of it: you don’t want too much trapped in the shells.

6. Spoon the mixture into the piping bag and carefully pipe on to the circles. Pick the baking tray up and drop it on to the worksurface a couple of times, then leave to rest for about 30 minutes until the macarons feel dry to the touch: they should not be sticky. Meanwhile, pre-heat the oven to 180C.

7. Bake the macarons for about 17 minutes until firm, opening the oven door briefly a couple of times during cooking to let off any steam. Once you’re sure they’re cooked, slide the baking parchment off the tray immediately to stop the macarons cooking. Cool completely on the paper, then carefully peel off: if they’re cooked, they should come away easily.

8. When cool, match up equally-sized macarons, and then, using a small palette knife or spoon, sandwich them together with ganache. Refrigerate for 24 hours, then serve at room temperature.

Adeola x

Happy 1st Birthday Dee’s Basement!!

So Today is the Blog’s First Birthday and so to celebrate it I wanted to do a monthly review of the blogs most popular posts from July 2011 to June 2012. The months of April and May 2012 have no blog posts as I was on a Blog Break.


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Thanks to all the Subscribers and Comments I’ve received over the past year and I hope I will gain more as the Blog develops and I also hope you continue to enjoy my Blog posts.

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Philadelphia With Cadbury (Choccy Philly)

Philadelphia have brought out a new flavour. CHOCOLATE! They have collaborated with Cadbury’s and created the Choccy Philly.

The spread contains 86 calories and is available from most UK supermarkets for £1.62 per 160g tub.

It is refrigerated so look for it in the fridge section of the supermarket. It is also available in a 4 pack, so look out for that one as well.

I’m definitely going to find it and try some of the recipes on the website.Some of the recipes on the site that stood out for me were-

Philly Chocolate and Fruit Cheesecake

Philadelphia with Cadbury Fairy Cakes

No Cook Chocolate Crème Brûlée

Adeola x

All Pictures from Philadelphia.