Novikov Restaurant Review

I recently dined with fellow Blogger Abimarvel at the Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair. The restaurant is split into two. There is an Asian Restaurant and an Italian Restaurant. We ate at the Asian Restaurant.

The manager of Novikov gave us a tour of the resturant and showed us the Resuarant’s Market. Within this market there were different fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood. You could pick anything you like and they would create a meal from the ingredients you chose.

We then decided what we were going to have meals from the menu. The manager recommended that we should have the black cod spring rolls with a mango sauce for a starter. We thought why not and so tried it and instantly knew why he recommended it. It was a very unique combination but worked so well together.

The Manager came over and told us the chef had made us raw seafood platter just for us which was extremely generous of him. We had no idea what to expect as all I really heard were the words ‘Raw’ and ‘Seafood’, which I had never tried so got a little bit nervous as I had no idea what to expect. A plate of raw scallops arrived and so we thought that was the platter. The actual platter arrived and it was huge. It looked very pretty and so was hoping it would taste good. We would try different things to make sure we tried everything and give each other feedback on each .Some were delicious.  And some were well interesting. I was surprised to find that caviar is actually delicious. It was definitely a very interesting and new experience for us.

We then decided what we were going to eat. Abi ordered the Roast Half Duck. She had the duck with Special Pork Char Sui fried rice.

I had Scottish diver scallops with yuzu mayonnaise & crispy lemon grass.

For Dessert Abimarvel had pineapple ravioli for dessert. I know ‘Pineapple Ravioli’. I didn’t know such a thing existed. It was delicious though and had a berry centre. On top was a scoop of berry sorbet.

Here’s the menu! Take a look!

I would definitely recommend you going to this restaurant. Here is the info.

50a Berkeley Street
Mayfair, London

T: +44 (0) 207 399 4330


Website: Novikov

Picture Credit- Abimarvel

Adeola x

Happy 1st Birthday Dee’s Basement!!

So Today is the Blog’s First Birthday and so to celebrate it I wanted to do a monthly review of the blogs most popular posts from July 2011 to June 2012. The months of April and May 2012 have no blog posts as I was on a Blog Break.


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Just in time for Summer(Lemon Curd)

Thanks to all the Subscribers and Comments I’ve received over the past year and I hope I will gain more as the Blog develops and I also hope you continue to enjoy my Blog posts.

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Pizza Express Restaurant Review

My Mum, Little Sister and I went to Pizza Express in the  Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre for lunch. It was all going well until my little sister received her pizza and found out it was burnt and mine was also burnt but I didn’t realise until I ate about a quarter of it.

My Mum decided to get the Mare E Monti which is Pizza Expresses Leggera Pizza which is when they take the middle of the pizza out and fill it with salad. It costs £9.45. It also contains about 500 calories. The toppings on this pizza is King prawns, mushrooms, red onions, olives, light mozzarella and Cajun spices.


My Little Sister had a Pepperoni Pizza which was 1 of the three food items she got with her children’s meal which cost £6.25. She also got a starter which was garlic dough balls and she also got a drink which was Gü Hot Chocolate which is steamed milk with Gü Chocolate. Her pizza was burnt, so we asked for them to get another one.


I also had a Leggera Pizza but mine was Margherita Leggera which costs £8.50. It has Light mozzarella, santos tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and basil leaves. A piece of my Pizza was burnt but I didn’t notice it until I had eaten about a quarter of it.

Overall the experience was good and the service was also good. I’ll definitely go to Pizza Express again but maybe not the Birmingham one only because I have one closer to where I live. There is nothing wrong with the Birmingham Pizza Express, so don’t let me stop you going there. The address is-

Level 7 & 9 Bullring
B5 4BU

Tel: 0121 643 7209

Adeola x


Grand Design Live Birmingham:Food

Last Saturday I went to Grand Design Live with my mum and my little sister. There were a lot of food businesses there and a few that stood out to me were-

The Chocolatier-

Chocolate truffles in exciting flavour combinations. No cream, butter, eggs or gelatine. They had odd flavours such as baked beans. I got to try the Rose and also the Banana and Honey, which both tasted amazing.

It’s So…-

UK’s First 100% Alphonso Mango pulp. It comes in a 200g pouch, containing Natural Pulp of 2 King Alphonso mangoes. It tasted so good and was really smooth. It would be perfect for yogurts and ice-creams.

Holly’s Cupcakes-

Holly’s Cupcakes provide high quality cupcakes suitable for any occasion, from Weddings to Corporate events.

I had the chance to see Simon Rimmer, one of the top chefs in the UK. He is the owner of the award-winning vegetarian restaurant Greens Restaurant and EARLE . He designed the menu for the pop up Grand Restaurant of the event and I managed to catch him there on the day. I didn’t eat at the restaurant, so can’t give my verdict on food but once I get a menu of the dishes he made for the restaurant I will pick out the ones that sound the best.

I also had the chance to see Daniel Galmiche, a Michelin starred chef and owner of the award-winning The Vineyard. He was demonstrating to cook different dishes.

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Pinkberry Store Opening


Pinkberry is a worldwide frozen yoghurt business who are known for their fat-free, 100 calorie frozen yoghurt and their celebrity customers who include Rachel Zoe, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal. They have over 100 stores in America and have decided to open a store in the UK. The store has recently opened in Selfridges, London  and was an instant hit. They have a wide variety of toppings which include from-

  • Fruit Mango, Strawberry, Kiwi
  • Dry Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Cheesecake Bites
  • Liquid Honey, Caramel, Pomegranate Juice

I will be visiting soon and will upload some pictures of the place.

Picture Source- Click Here


Sketch Restaurant Experience

A few nights ago I dined at the Sketch Gallery Restaurant with fellow blogger Abimarvel . It was an amazing restaurant which I was extremely excited for. It has to be one of the best and most different restaurants I have ever been too. I walked into the Gallery and I instantly loved the place because of its simplicity and peculiar interior. From its projected animated walls to it’s sofa’s that make you feel at home. The projected walls feature upcoming designers and artists. The menu was designed by French Chef Pierre Gagnaire which included Organic Salmon with Mussels Cream and Lamb with Green Mango and Paris Mushrooms.

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